Customer Service

This will probably be the first of many posts about customer service.I work in a chat department for a call center. Let me tell you, you’ll never talk to more intelligent people than my customers!……Ha! Just kidding. I swear I lose millions of brain cells everyday while chatting with these damned morons. I had a customer just the other night keep me over my shift 30 minutes, wanting 10% off an item. It was $17. I told the them I can’t apply the discount. There isn’t a way for me to apply it, because the store itself only has access to those programs; they have to apply upon pick up the there.

Then after explaining this to him at least 3 times, he proceeds to say he’s ‘taking a risk’ buying the damn item. It is not a risk to buy a $17 item when you already need the thing in the first place. Like really, risking an extra $1.75 (the 10%). Are you fucking serious?? This fellow was in NJ and I assure that saving the $1.75 would do jack shit when it comes to buying anything, especially in NJ. Great, you can buy a candy bar or something. Big deal. I was half tempted to send the stupid $1.75 through the mail to him personally just to get him off the chat.

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