Another Day Driving In Utah

Every state has bad drivers. But many states also have a much higher volume of  intelligent drivers to compensate. It seems that Utah loves to be different in this way, as well as many other things. Having this many bad drivers isn’t something our state should be proud of. But more on that later. Today alone, I saw many bad examples of horrendous driving. Like ‘what in the actual hell did I just see’ type of things! The main incident of bad driving I experienced today, was when I was trying to enter the freeway. As everyone knows, freeway entrances are made to enter the freeway while simply merging into a nice orderly line and then you all merge onto the main part of it.

Well, try to tell that to the dip shit teenage girl driving next to me; talking to her friend, in a car her parents bought for her. You know the type. Anyways, this bitch is literally driving side by side with me, and at this point, the two lanes for merging were gone. It was just one rather wide lane. I had already given up on being the one in front, so I had been slowing down while there was still plenty of room to do so, and get behind her. Wouldn’t you guess it, she was matching my speed slowing down as well, talking to her friend; still side by side with me. For about the last 10 seconds I had been motioning for her to hurry up and get in front of me. She paid no attention!

But when the lane really started to grow thin (normal size), little teenage dumb ass finally noticed she was driving a car on a busy freeway, and eventually saw me motioning for her to hurry the fuck up and go! We were at a point where we were entering the freeway at 25-30 mph, and I felt as if she was about to stop her car entirely. I was motioning for her to go at high volume now; obscenities blaring. She gets the picture (at last!), proceeding to hurry up and get in front of me. Moments later she puts the pedal to the metal, gunning it until she got to the freeway speed, in normal Utah fashion. There’s something in the water here.

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