Desert Lights

Another original poem from my senior year creative writing course:

The desert air stills as the wind becomes at rest; sharp lights pierce the sky and make the wildlife wary; a minuscule bird cowers in the safety of it’s nest; the sudden quiet racks the nerves of three stargazing men.

Another light flashes, but it’s no shooting star; uneasiness floods the men, freezing all of their movements; more passing minutes, and a third light flashes; the nervous men hastily rush to their car; the light knew the men weren’t fooled by it’s awkward presence any further.

Adrenaline encompasses fear, as they try to evade the light; green slowly replaced the light’s yellow, as it’s pursue continued; car almost in reach, when they lift slightly into the air and it gets immensely bright; light’s grasp tightens; they rise further in the sky, vanishing into the clutches of the unknown.

Feel free to let me know what you think. Though it’s a poem, it does have a bit of a short story feel to it as well, which I did intentionally. More original’s to come…eventually!

3 thoughts on “Desert Lights

    1. Rossj781

      Thanks! Poems like this one I have to be in the right writing mode sometimes. But I feel like many of my normal poems have short stories fused in, but it’s definitely a process!

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