Fallout 4: The Wait Is Over

I’ve got it! I’ve finally got it! After eagerly waiting for months since it’s huge announcement, it’s finally in my hands as we speak (well, more like installing, but hey… same thing). That’s right! Fallout 4. The one, the only! I stare in anticipation as it loads on my screen this very moment, calling my name saying, “play me Jason, play me now.” Well damn Fallout, if you’d install faster, I would!

With a 9.5 rating from IGN, more than 150,000 dialogue options (more than Skyrim and Fallout 3 combined), and so many new excellent features that blow their last games out of the water. Bethesda has outdone themselves this time with this new installment to the series. Taking place in Boston, MA; this game is surely to be one hell of ride as you navigate this dangerous map. I shall find myself doing so in just a short time.

I’m now just a mere hour away from exploring this new wasteland world, and all of the fantastic goodies that await me! For all those other future vault 111 wanderers, best of luck to you, and steer clear of those deathclaws!

~ J. A. Ross


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