Brew of the Week #2: Woodchuck Fall Harvest Hard Cider

For this week’s Brew of the Week, I’m featuring the Woodchuck Fall Harvest Hard Cider. Once again we’re just in time for some Friday night fun, and this brew would be a great start to your weekend. It’s brewed and bottled by the Woodchuck Cidery in Middlebury, Vermont; so you know you’re getting a quality drink. It’s one of the best alcoholic beverages I’ve had in a long time! After you’ve given it time to chill in your fridge, take one of these babies for a spin.

When I first popped off the cap, I was immediately taking in a very pleasant aroma. It’s like all the best things of Autumn in one 12 oz. bottle! Cinnamon, apples, and some nutmeg hit your nostrils. The smell is just a warm up to the rich flavor. You take your first sip and find that you’re instantly hit with the taste full force, and as you swallow, the hint of American white oak mellows out the flavor to not make it overbearing with the sugar.

It’s definitely a brew for those with a major sweet tooth (like myself); you’re essentially drinking liquid candy, but with the alcohol of course! It may be known as kind of a bitch beer, but don’t let that lame stereotype keep you from drinking this amazing brew! It’s unfortunate that it’s only able to bought during the Fall Season… because it’s just that good!

I’d give this brew a very solid 10/10 rating. I don’t give it out just for any drink! So what’re you waiting for? Go out and and see if your local grocery store carries it( or liquor store if you live in an unfortunate state… such as Utah); and buy yourself a six pack of this fine crafted cider to get your Friday night kicking!

~J. A. Ross

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2 thoughts on “Brew of the Week #2: Woodchuck Fall Harvest Hard Cider

    1. Rossj781

      I agree. I had wisdom teeth out recently, and was on medication for another health issue I had, and was unable to drink. I’m now off that medicine, and I’m expecting to have the new one up by tomorrow.


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