Fall of A Tyrant- A Glimpse Inside the Band Part 1

Fall of A Tyrant. An up and coming rock band local to Ogden, Utah. Maybe you’ve heard of them? If not, well then that’s about to change! Boe Mathewson, and former bandmate Pat Kordylewski formed Fall of A Tyrant after their previous band, ‘I Dream of Daylight’, split up due to creative differences. A few of the former band members from the old band joined as well, however they left shortly after the first EP, ‘Victims Aren’t’ We All?’ was released.

They soon went into a few hiatuses until their current line up emerged featuring Boe Mathewson on lead guitar and clean vocals (the only original member remaining), LaRayna Mathewson on keyboards (Boe’s wife), and Brian Barbeau on the drums. As of now, the band is seeking a new bassist and a second guitar player.

It was a snowy night when I had the opportunity to interview the band in a restaurant. After we ate and shared introductions, I began the interview formally by asking about each of their individual musical histories. First, Boe Mathewson replied, “I’ve played guitar 6 years, and have been singing for 4 years.” Wife LaRayna answered, “I’ve had on and off experience with the piano since age 8.” Lastly, Brian responded, “I’ve been playing drums from a young age. Always jamming out and creating my own shit.”

I went on to inquire about their musical influences; the ones that inspired them to become musicians themselves. Boe answered, “Red, Korn; Breaking Benjamin is a big one. Three Days Grace, In This Moment.” “Dream Theater is probably one of my biggest ones.” LaRayna added. “Mr. Bungle for a drummer.” Says Brian, referring to a Faith No More side project.

When asked about how they all originally met, I found out that Boe and Brian met each in high school and been good friends since. Boe and LaRayna met online about a year ago and hit it off well. So well in fact, that they married a few months later. “It’s awesome! We get a lot done! It’s great!” responds Boe on what it’s like being married to a band member. With a gracious smile, LaRayna agreed saying, “We go really good with each other!” Personally I think it’s fantastic that a married couple, with children, can still find the time take on such a project as being in a band!

Coming out this Wednesday, November 18th; they have their first single with this new line up.  It’s called ‘Lie to Me’. They have described it to have more of a modern Breaking Benjamin vibe to it. The band has also agreed that it’s their personal favorite song that they’ve recorded thus far. “Definitely a song filled with feelings.” Responded Brian.

Another single still in the works, but nearing completion, is a piece called, ‘Devil in You’, which they are immensely excited about, and its among their favorite works. ‘The Darkest Glow’ is what they consider to be one of the best early songs the band recorded. It’s inspired by Elizabeth Bathory, a serial killer who lived in the late 1500’s – early 1600’s and was found with a disturbing 300 hundred corpses in her foreboding castle.

So by now, some of the veteran fans are probably thinking: when the hell will the new album be coming out? Cut to the chase! Well, they provided me that information and stated that they’re planning on a Spring release, however, they don’t have a fully set date for this release quite yet.  They’ve also revealed the album will feature approximately 7-9 tracks for your listening pleasure.

The band’s last recorded album was ‘Victims Aren’t We All’ (as mentioned earlier). It produced the two singles ‘End of This Fame’ and ‘Fairy Tales’; both of which have gained radio play. This is one of the main goals for the singles off of their currently untitled upcoming record.

Next we moved onto album production. “It takes 6-7 months,” Boe replied. Describing the creativity process, he continued, “You come across a lot of ideas, but only take a few of them.” The other two nodded in agreement. All of the members are also employed full time, which adds some time to this already lengthy process. With the Mathewson’s also raising two children with another on the way, this adds a few additional delays in the making of the album. Despite all of the setbacks though, they always manage to keep the band pushing forward!

Coming soon in Part 2 of the interview: I’ll give some more insight on the original band the led to the eventual formation of Fall of A Tyrant; along with more information on Pat’s going away, which has had a large impact on the band having to see their good friend leave. More details as well on why the band has made few changes to their sound, LaRayna’s pregnancy, band awards, an honorable invitation to play at CrueFest in Las Vegas, and more! Until then, get your rock on with a couple of the band’s old songs below!


~ J. A. Ross

23 thoughts on “Fall of A Tyrant- A Glimpse Inside the Band Part 1

  1. Cindy

    I’ve been waiting for a album like this from Fall Of A Tyrant. Cant believe Pat is leaving but that makes room for there sound to grow even further with modern singing! Thumbs and cheers to that


    1. Rossj781

      Bleeding eyes? Is this a good thing lol? They don’t have a set date for the song yet, but they are in the process of finishing mixing and mastering it.


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