Goodbye Wisdom Teeth!

Tomorrow is the day. The time to say my goodbyes to my wisdom teeth. I’m quite excited about this, as they’re all types of jacked up! In the picture above you can see for yourself. They’re all pretty much impacting into the sides of my other teeth. That can make for some very uncomfortable days. I’m also getting an extra permanent tooth, hidden within my gums, removed as well.

For the next week, I just see oceans of smoothies, apple sauce, soup, and yogurt on the menu, as I damn near won’t be able to eat much else. It’s also a race against time for my mouth to heal up… seeing as I’m getting them removed exactly a week before Thanksgiving arrives (Oh No!). I must have that Turkey! 

Some extra good that’s coming from this, is that I have 6 straight days off from work for a bit of recovery time. It’s definitely necessary seeing as it probably wouldn’t be a great idea to chat it up with my customers while being all doped up on pain meds for a week. Just imagine this for a second: a customer would chat in asking a general question and I’d probably say something stupid like, “Did you know that there’s this thing called water? You should try it!” Get the picture?

I also get to feed my current game addiction (they come and go). I have plans on launching some in game videos and I imagine that they’ll be all the more interesting while being on my medication. Cliché as it is, I may have to make one a wisdom tooth removal video as well. I mean come on… they’re fantastic! 

Yes, it’ll be exciting not having those painful bastards pushing in on those other teeth. I’m just hoping I don’t wake up during the procedure. Boy would that just suck! Not being able to do anything and just sitting there taking the pain, as they turn your mouth into a temporary train wreck. I guess either way it’s still worth it. More on my adventure’s after the wisdom teeth removal soon. Thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross



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