Being Single (And Why It’s Awesome!)

I’ve been single since mid-July and let me tell you, I’ve sure enjoyed life a lot more with it just being me, than being stuck with another person. On lock down. You see, I wouldn’t necessarily mind being in a relationship with the right person; right now. But those people can be few and far between. While I wait for that eventual point (I’m optimistic), I’m just basking in the single life! I’m my own man; no one trying to tell me to do this or that. That is one of the things that makes being single so great!

In my last relationship there was no trust. It was stressful; way to much unnecessary shit and baggage attached. She’d always want to keep texting other guys, or have an account on MeetMe, Tinder (definitely a no go there!), and others. I would essentially tell her no. Just no. If you’re in a committed relationship, you don’t need websites like that to make friends. Find friends at work or just out and about. Not on damn dating websites.

Possibly she could’ve been looking for a few people to nail on the side without me knowing. But she wouldn’t possibly have that intention… would she? You honestly never know when dating someone like this. It seriously can bring about some major trust issues. Hell, maybe she really did want just regular friends on there. Still, I didn’t buy it, not when I knew nearly 90% of her contacts on her phone were guys.

Being single, you’d never have to worry about stupid shit such as this. You just do you all day. You want to play video games all night and not get dragged to some terrible movie, and waste money? Well play those video games! Is getting drunk with your friends Friday night sounding more ideal than spending it in some boring ‘fancy’ restaurant, that they dragged you to? Well go get drunk champ, you’re single (well, maybe you are)!

Another thing that can make a relationships unbearable are large religious differences. Oh let me tell you! I’ll leave her religion undisclosed, as I don’t like calling out one group of people, just because one bad apple can provoke a bad impression. But, her faith (and my lack of faith due to me not being a religious fellow) resulted in many problems, arguments, and just too many issues to make the relationship simply not worth it. I’m young, there’s plenty of more compatible options out there.

This is another reason that not being with anyone can be incredibly stress relieving. You just don’t have any of that religious related bickering, or someone trying to push their beliefs upon you all the time. I have no problem with dating religious women. No problem at all; as long as we’re compatible. That is the big part. But it still doesn’t beat doing your own thing. Church not sounding like it’s what you want to do? Well, you could relax and watch the game, go out on a nice drive, or something else of your choosing. Again, no one breathing down your back if you’re single.

It also gives you a better chance to make more friends, and time to figure yourself out more and what you like in the opposite sex; so you don’t get stuck with some future regret. I literally can’t tell you how much better I’ve been enjoying life since that last break up. No more paragraph after paragraph texts with just pointless bitching, and telling me all of these useless things that honestly didn’t matter (even the entire time I’d be in work they’d send those type of messages!).

I’ve gone to a few bonfires, went on another solo trip to Portland and Seattle, enjoyed extra time with my friends. Not to mention saving so much money! I mean, I’m more than willing to spend money every couple of weeks to go on fun and exciting dates. When you get into a relationship with someone and they always wants to go out and about, you end up spending way too much money.

I’d like to thank you for reading! This is my first article in a little over a week and a half due to recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth removed last Thursday and disrupting my creativity. I’m starting to get back into my full writing mode, and more to come soon.

Do you enjoy the single life? Have you had a bad relationship? Feel free to comment and tell us all below!

~J. A. Ross


3 thoughts on “Being Single (And Why It’s Awesome!)

  1. Deborah Kitchens

    All of us have been there and done that. When a relationship is right you won’t feel that way. That last one of yours was like trying to put on a shoe that didn’t fit, no matter how much you wanted it to or how cute it was, it just didn’t feel right, hurt, pinched. No amount of struggle would get that shoe to fit, best to try on another style and size. I’m single and love it.


  2. I am single too since about 8 months officially and no complaints!! i have spent time to find and discover myself, have enjoyed with friends as well as alone!
    Given all the addictive independence, i would want to be in a relationship anytime soon only when it make my life better! Else, being single rocks 🙂

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