Reaper’s Keep

Reaper seeks vengeance,

on those who cheat his system;

it’s him in control.

In this haiku I experimented with a darker theme. I’m not religious or believe in anything related to this. But I enjoy using some subjects such as this in my writing. I decided to reference different individuals (namely other young people), that aren’t invincible, but think they are.

Some of their abrasive lifestyles will end eventually, and tragically, if they don’t straighten up. They may steer clear of death a few times in some lucky calls…but they may run out of that luck. It’s kind of like a wake up call.

Experimenting with writing is something that is important to me, in order to keep my writings fresh and original. It’s always my goal to expand my own potential with writing as often as possible.

~J. A. Ross

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