Blunthead Tree Snake

I originally believed this to be a type of viper as it seemed to have a few similar characteristics, however, I was a little disappointed (though still quite intrigued) to find this out it’s a Blunthead Tree Snake. The eyes and shape of it’s scales were my main suspicions. It was the only wild snake I was able to find in Guatemala, and out of all the other snakes I’ve found in the wild on other travels or hikes, this one definitely takes the cream of the crop for being the most interesting one.


I watched it slither away and it lifted it’s next up to see above the grass. It turned out to be fairly long, and had a very thin body. They are known for being able to support their body up while only a small part is coiled around a branch. This snake is also venomous, however it has rear fangs so it essentially has to be eating you to inject the venom. The venom is also mild. I’m hoping it slithers it’s way to a long life!

~J. A. Ross

© 05/14/2016


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