The Aimless Wanderer Collection

As many of you have been reading my recent haiku’s and tanka’s, you may have noticed… they’re all actually linked and form a short story, with On His Way Again being the ending to the first segment of them. I call them ‘The Aimless Wanderer’. For the rest of you that may have not noticed, or started reading them late; now they’re all here in one convenient place! “Well why didn’t you just post them all together at the start?” You ask. There’s no fun in that, now is there?! Without further adieu:

This one was the inspiration for it, and it serves as sort of an intro:

Stumbling Through Life

Chaotic whirling.

Sight consistently blurred;

mind always cloudy.


This is where the main part begins:


Open road once more,

city lights fade in rear-view.

Aimless wanderer.


Midnight Road

Stars peaking through clouds,

moonlight gleaming on the road;

soothing calm of night.


More of the Same

Yet another night,

a hotel room poorly lit;

just like all the rest.



He lights his cigar,

ashes make way to the floor;

takes in the flavor.


The Stranger

A stranger draws near,

their hand reaches for a gun;

a man’s cigar drops.

Pulls out his own gun; takes aim.

Stranger’s body collapses.


After the Kill

Stench fills his nostrils,

fresh blood still seeps from the corpse;

he feels no pity.

Moonlight glazes the alley;

a scene of awkward beauty.


On His Way Again

A car door slams shut;

turn of key, revs of engine.

His new journey starts.


I hope you all enjoyed these. After a couple of hiatuses; I decided I wanted to come back some something a little different. I personally feel satisfied with the end result and enjoyed trying something new! As always, thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts, please post them below!

~J. A. Ross

© 06/04/2016 through 06/08/2016





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