What is Happiness?

What is happiness?

Maybe cars… or money.

Women; it could be women.

Perhaps fame; everybody around knowing your name.

Well, that’s all wrong.

All of it.

It doesn’t matter how many cars, or women you get.

Nor…how much money you have.

This is all but temporary.

Happiness is solely based on how you live your life.

Travel; see a movie alone, try new foods;

Experience life as it is around you;

Truly look get to know yourself.

Break the shell and meet new people;

Escape those chains holding you back.

Take a night away from the city and go look up at the stars.

Listen to new genres of music; explore your hobbies.

Keep on living your life!

Soon enough, you’ll ask yourself again: What is happiness?

This time, you’ll have the right answer.


This was some more free form poetry experimentation, as well of elements of a speech to create something a bit different.

~J. A. Ross


© RossJ781.com 01/05/2017







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