Castle Resting on the Mountain


I took these photos of the world famous Hohenzollern Castle back in November, 2016. It resides upon a mountain near Hechingen, Germany. This is actually the 3rd castle to sit on the hill and was completed in 1867, and it’s owned by a Prussian Prince who still occasionally stays in the castle a few times a year. Hohenzollern castle was also used as a filming location for the upcoming film ‘A Cure For Wellness’ which I found very interesting upon visiting.

Before boarding the bus that took me up to the castle, I was able to use my high zoom lens to get these images. It was a raining off and on that day and I feel the fog it produced really helped bring these photos to life. I have more images from the exterior of the castle coming soon!

~J. A. Ross


© 01/30/2017


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