Panic Attack

Stomach turning within itself.

Irregular breaths escape in rapid succession;

no… CHOKED out!

Clenching of chest as attempt in soothing;

you just want to breathe normally.

Oh… yes you do!

Yet, another violent breathe departs.

Clenching yourself tighter.

Hazy feelings.

World seemingly collapses,

while watching trapped in your own somber mind.

Fists balling up and teeth grinding.

It will pass.


…It does!

Breathing regulates;

exhaustion and confusion set in.

You’re okay.

Life goes on.

~J. A. Ross


© 12/07/2016

Thought of the Day #7 ~ New Quote

Due to different experiences I’ve had in life, and also based on an aspect of my personality, I came up with a new quote tonight, it goes:

“You may be the gasoline, but I’ll be the match that strikes to set you ablaze.”

This quote goes towards my strive to always be someone who takes pride in not being like everyone else, and also takes a stand for what’s right. It’s directed to those that try to force ideologies on me, and others; or try to make me/others live a life that they want us to; and the backlash they’ll receive. It refers as well, that no matter what they try to do, I’ll personally unleash my own reign fire (hypothetically of course!) upon them to show that nobody owns me, but me. That I will stand up for myself and others. Though at first the quote can sound a little harsh, this is really made in a positive light; it’s meant to help people who are oppressed by others; and give them motivation they may need.

I enjoy trying to inspire others and make them think more openly. If you have any opinions to this quote, please feel free to write them below! As always, thanks for the support!

~J. A. Ross

© 2/16/2016

Let Your True Colors Show

I stopped caring about what people think of me overall a few years ago. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t go out of my way to make a complete ass of myself on a regular basis. That’s not what I’m fully referring to. What I’m referring to, is I don’t care if people don’t like me; just because I don’t follow their trends, or their religion. Perhaps my political views are different. The reason doesn’t matter, I’m not going to change what I stand for to appease everyone.

For no reason, am I going to censor myself, or mold myself into something that other people want me to be just to make them happy (within good reason). I don’t exactly live to always keep up that ideal appearance people may want me to have. I still love to help out people if they request my assistance. I’ll donate money to different causes when I can. That part doesn’t change. But when someone tells me that I should believe/do this or that, I’ll draw the line there.

You should too, if you feel like maybe you’re not living your life to it’s potential, whilst trying to be something you’re not. Who gives a rat’s ass if your parents don’t like it. If you’re under 18, or still living with them, you may want to ease it down a bit. But overall, they’ll be a time for you to move out. If you’re already moved out, you don’t have to listen to them as you used to. Be you.

Do you want that new tattoo, but your family or friends disprove? Well go get it anyways! Someone trying to pressure you into joining a cause you might not want to, or push you into a career that’s the polar opposite of what you want? Tell them to shove it (perhaps not that exact manner, but you get it). The whole point of living,… is to live! Get out and explore the world around you. Take in it’s experiences!

There’s no need to go excessive, but some people really need to understand how to be their own person. Pull the leech of society off of you; throw that bloodsucking bastard back from where it came! If you live with a family who goes against your beliefs (or you against their’s), and how you want to live is getting you depressed because they’re imposing on you; they’re options. Try to see if you can maybe stay with a different family member, or a friend if you can’t afford to support yourself on your own. Or if your still a bit too young.

If your family is depressing you to the point of suicide, then you need to talk about this to them. If you can’t bring yourself to talk to your family, you must find someone who you can tell. That is the first step to separating yourself from the shell of negativity. I’ve had people try to tell me the right things to do. Some of it was legitimately great advice, so I took it. Some of it felt like they are trying to get me to do something that they’d rather have me do. I didn’t follow suit.

It doesn’t matter if it displeases them. It’s great; fantastic. They’ll get over it. Not like they have to live with the tattoo or career choice right? I don’t live with them. I kind of just laugh it off  (obviously not right to their face), and move on. If they don’t like my choices, maybe I don’t really need those type of people in my life. I’ve cut people out before. It can suck doing this, but in the long run for your health and sanity; it’s worth it.

Remember: you have potential, keep your head up and take control of it! Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave a comment below!

~J. A. Ross