Thought of the Day 12# – United States Media/ Purpose of Thought of the Day

*As a foresight, my ‘Thought of the Day’ posts are the only posts on my site that will contain any regular political, and/or religious topics (for the most part, slight references may sneak their way into my other works on occasion). Why do I do this you ask? Aren’t those topics kind of taboo for some people? Why, yes. Yes they are. However, I feel it’s important, as it’s a way for me to let free some of my viewpoints and let them be seen, as well as to give my readers/followers more insight into me. I believe this can make me more relatable when you read my other posts, and that is my goal. I want to connect with my readers as well.

Now for my opinion on the United State’s media: since I’ve finally caught up on Real Time With Bill Maher, (minus tonight’s episode). A few thought’s came to mind. First off,  what other show can you watch where they will light a joint on live television to make a point; or blantanly call out the media for what they are… and that is drama. A reality show is what most ‘real’ American new channels have become. On another note; isn’t it kind of sad how people can get more accurate news from show’s similar to Real Time or the Daily Show; than  a regular new’s channel. They’re comedians for fuck’s sake and report current events more accurately. America, we need to get our shit together because we’re behind the curve. Whether you believe it or not… it’s the truth.

This article though, short, gets 2 points across to open more insight to my readers. If you disagree with me, well I support your right to disagree with open arms. Hell, I’ll buy you a beer even. As always, thanks for reading and live any thoughts or opinions below!

~J. A. Ross

© 03/04/2016

Thought of the Day #8 ~My Opinion/Questions on Religion, and It’s Influence in the United States

*Disclaimer* This post is opinionated of course, and purely inquisitive/ intended to be thought provoking, and gain me some more understanding on this topic from other people. I am one who is hungry for knowledge and discussions when social matters are involved. I do still respect anyone’s point of view of course, as by our 1st Amendment right’s, we have our right to freedom of speech and I will defend yours. This topic today is just an important topic that I feel needs to be brought to light.


This comes to mind today. I always see loads of posts every day in my newsfeed telling other people that that should try to be more like Christ, or that they should try their faith. Well in my opinion, I feel like a lot people are almost the opposite and are fake; they try to use it as an excuse to spread their racism, or hate; or their own political agenda. Well here’s a few things.

For one, what’s with all these megachurches; all these other super fancy, and very expensive religious buildings? Buildings that can have room/seats for thousands of people. Do you really think that this is what Christ would want? I feel like he would tear all of them down and be utterly embarrassed. I think he instead would’ve used all those millions upon millions that are used in these buildings to go to the poor, and homeless. Also, to other important things like education, or things such as medical research to help make people well,etc.

In my eyes, I see people being manipulated into thinking this is alright. Well, some of you may wonder what us atheists, and other truly non-religious people that don’t follow any books (or specific guidelines) thinks about all this. I feel that many of them would share this same view. A lot of what people do today has been grossly perverted and turned into something else that defeats the entire purpose. These big time religious leaders make money off of people. Look at the televangelists, or owners of the megachurches. Do you really think they deeply care about you?

Many only tend care about money, image, and power. They get the best of many people by using charm and apparent word of God. I honestly believe that if people were to truly follow the goals of their religions, they would create simple shrines in their homes for worship, or build more basic/much less expensive buildings, and give as much money and help as possible to all of those who are in need. Instead, they keep making money, and breaching the separation of church and state that this country was built off of, to not have it interfere with our politics. (Utah politics greatly ignores this of course, not picking on you, just stating the truth.)

They’re also tax exempt. Seriously, why do they need to be tax exempt? They interfere with as much as they can get away with in our government. Churches pull in billions each year; do you honestly think that every available cent of that is going into the good of mankind? It pisses me off that I always have people try to tell me that religion is so good, and that I should follow. Well, I question everything and none of it adds up to me; I don’t just take someone’s word for everything and throw my life into their hands. So why do you guys feel the need to do this so desperately.

I personally, see that they’ve become very corrupt and use this to manipulate the American people. Look at other developed countries, they still have religion, but most of them don’t have it so entwined into their politics like a lot of folks in the US are trying to do here. The United States isn’t, and never was a ‘Christian Country’. ‘In God we trust’ didn’t appear on our money until the mid 1950’s, nor did ‘under God’ in the Pledge of Alliance. People need to get a history check, and get their facts straight.

Now, I’m 100% atheist and any religious references to Christ, or God, is purely to relate to any religious people end up reading this. I see many people making posts to defend their beliefs over and over. I feel it’s my turn as I normally chose against posting related material. I don’t care if people are religious, if it’s what you need to be happy in life; to give you purpose…well there’s nothing wrong with that. Do your thing! But I feel like people need to be more inquisitive to what’s going on this world, and not leave their mind closed to it. Especially to all of that occurring in third world nations.

Unfortunately, I strongly believe that America have become too ignorant and focused on themselves, and don’t really seem to care about the rest of the world much. Even though it can have direct effects to us long term. If you have an opinion, I want it to stay civil, no BS or it’s deleted.

~To restate~ This post is me wanting to get more info from other people, as I am curious a curious fellow. This isn’t just a jab at religion. It’s my opinions, and it has a purpose so I understand others more. As always, thanks to all of the continued support, and thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

© 2/19/2016




Thought of the Day #4: My Opinion on the US Minimum wage

For this addition of ‘Thought of the Day’, I’m going to send my focus to the minimum wage of the United States, which is an astoundingly low $7.25 an hour. Much lower than the average developed country, and frankly I feel that’s pathetic for our country to be so hellbent at claiming that we’re number 1 at everything. Face it people, we’re not. We’d all like to say it, but our education is going down; out healthcare still needs work; we do have too much spending focused on war as opposed to renewable energy and taking care of our own people. We’re getting behind in the scheme of things. One way to start getting a grasp on things is to have companies pay our citizens a livable wage.

It doesn’t matter what the job is, people deserve the right to not have to work themselves to death, just to buy basic necessities and pay their bills to support a family. People will be like, “They’re good jobs for people to go to college, but people need to move on to different things after some time.” Sure, everyone wants to move to bigger things. Who really wants to spend their years working fast food, or customer service? Nobody does! But some people simply can’t get around. Not everyone is born to go to college; it’s a reality we have to accept. It doesn’t mean someone isn’t intelligent by any means, but it’s expensive, and very time consuming. Some people aren’t cut out for it, but they can still find their way.

College kids can’t survive on that either to be honest. College is overpriced, and sometimes you have to take what job you can get, so you can squeak by. The minimum wage hasn’t risen in about 12 years, but there’s been several instances of inflation in that time range. Prices will always rise a little whether the minimum wage is raised or not. $15 could be a little steep I suppose in the eyes of some people(though some states definitely need it as they have a higher cost of living), but they should be able to make $11-12 an hour in the average state. That’s fairly livable for most college students/younger people’s standards.

Not to mention several jobs that are minimum wage, this country relies on. It’s not just fast food. Plus,… fast food workers do put up with a ton of shit. Customers can be complete assholes and unbearable. These type of low wage companies also have their employees meet unrealistic standards. They deserve more than a meager $7.25 an hour for their hard work. Sure, some people are lazy, but no matter what job you look into-whether its the military, a call center, or your average store. You’re going to find the occasional lazy person. But you’re making a pretty bold statement to call millions of people lazy, when they’re probably working harder than you to survive.

We all know billion dollar companies can afford to pay their employees more easily. It will hardly make a dent in their record profits. However, people will ask, “What about Mom and Pop shops?” See, here’s how an effective economy works: If you pay people a piss poor $7.25 an hour, they don’t spend money if they don’t have to. They hoard it; save it for essentials only. You raise the wages, people have more money to keep up with inflation. They also have extra money left over after bills and essentials for entertainment and a few more minor luxuries.

Hence, If more people have extra money, mom and pop places also make a lot more money, and can afford to pay their employees the updated minimum wage in the least with little to no difficultly . That simple; people have money, they will spend it and put more in the economy. Just let that sink in. Keeping people poor only puts more money in the pockets of billionaires, and not in the average Joe or the economy. Trickle-down doesn’t work and a minimum wage of $7.25 doesn’t either. It’s shameful people are so blind to that.

To match 12 years of inflation, we would need to be at least around $10 an hour for the minimum. That’s a fair starting wage. It’s $2.75 more than minimum wage, and enough to still take several people off welfare,or use less of it in the least. For those of you whining about welfare, raising the minimum makes you pay less on your taxes towards welfare, because companies are now forced to do so for you. Keeping the wages low increases your taxes. It’s that simple. Have a heart, and quit over complicating things people!

If you have an opinion, keep it civil, and post a comment below! As always, thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

Thought of the Day #3: Wal-Mart

To revive my ‘Thought of the Day’ series, I decided today’s thought will revolve around Wal-Mart. I always hear bitching about welfare, and people being on it just because their lazy. While this may the case for a couple people here and there, it would be an incredibly minuscule percentage of people who use welfare (nowhere near even 1%). This is where Wal-Mart comes in. It’s companies such as them, that make people have to go on welfare in the first place. We’re talking about a company where their top 6 share holders (the Walton family themselves) have more money combined in their bank accounts, then what nearly 50% of Americans have in their’s at any given time.

They pay their employees a piss poor wage, with little to no benefits,…when they can easily increase their wages. In all honesty, what would a $3 increase in pay really do to their profits. It’d hardly make a dent and can make a huge difference to employees. My other questions are: why does the greedy Walton family really need with all those billions? Are they just hoarding it to gain a title of richest family in the world? How will they even spend all of that money? Seriously, they can spend a couple million a day for years at time and still be incredibly filthy rich.

Stuff like this makes America fall behind other developed countries. You can work 40 hours a weeks,plus overtime in this country, and still not even make enough to cover your monthly expenses. I think it’s sickening that our country is more focused on  silly things that don’t help people much in the long run such as guns for example. (Yes, I’m alright with people owning guns for the most part, but they’re not an absolute necessity. Just using them as an example.) We’re more concerned about laws for the uses of in-animate objects we don’t need all that much, than actually helping our own people.

Corporations like Wal-Mart are disgusting because they use cheap labor to make their products outside of the US, and give low wages to their workers in the store so they can make maximum profits, and exploit their employees. They’ll also cut hours, but because their already making so little, the workers suffer more. So I’m calling out Wal-Mart, the Walton’s, and any other similar company. When will you abysmal individuals step up to the plate and pay your employees a living wage? Instead of hiding behind your mountains of money while you watch them struggle.

*It’s normally a goal of mine to stray away from politics on my posts, however my ‘Thought of the Day’ will occasionally do the opposite. If you have an opinion, post and keep it civil, or it will be deleted.

As always, thanks for your reading and continued support!

~J. A. Ross

A Quick Video View Into Donating Plasma

This video is in relation to one of my earlier articles about donating plasma. This was just a quick experimental video I made to get more practice with video editing in Adobe Premiere.


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~J. A. Ross

Being Single (And Why It’s Awesome!)

I’ve been single since mid-July and let me tell you, I’ve sure enjoyed life a lot more with it just being me, than being stuck with another person. On lock down. You see, I wouldn’t necessarily mind being in a relationship with the right person; right now. But those people can be few and far between. While I wait for that eventual point (I’m optimistic), I’m just basking in the single life! I’m my own man; no one trying to tell me to do this or that. That is one of the things that makes being single so great!

In my last relationship there was no trust. It was stressful; way to much unnecessary shit and baggage attached. She’d always want to keep texting other guys, or have an account on MeetMe, Tinder (definitely a no go there!), and others. I would essentially tell her no. Just no. If you’re in a committed relationship, you don’t need websites like that to make friends. Find friends at work or just out and about. Not on damn dating websites.

Possibly she could’ve been looking for a few people to nail on the side without me knowing. But she wouldn’t possibly have that intention… would she? You honestly never know when dating someone like this. It seriously can bring about some major trust issues. Hell, maybe she really did want just regular friends on there. Still, I didn’t buy it, not when I knew nearly 90% of her contacts on her phone were guys.

Being single, you’d never have to worry about stupid shit such as this. You just do you all day. You want to play video games all night and not get dragged to some terrible movie, and waste money? Well play those video games! Is getting drunk with your friends Friday night sounding more ideal than spending it in some boring ‘fancy’ restaurant, that they dragged you to? Well go get drunk champ, you’re single (well, maybe you are)!

Another thing that can make a relationships unbearable are large religious differences. Oh let me tell you! I’ll leave her religion undisclosed, as I don’t like calling out one group of people, just because one bad apple can provoke a bad impression. But, her faith (and my lack of faith due to me not being a religious fellow) resulted in many problems, arguments, and just too many issues to make the relationship simply not worth it. I’m young, there’s plenty of more compatible options out there.

This is another reason that not being with anyone can be incredibly stress relieving. You just don’t have any of that religious related bickering, or someone trying to push their beliefs upon you all the time. I have no problem with dating religious women. No problem at all; as long as we’re compatible. That is the big part. But it still doesn’t beat doing your own thing. Church not sounding like it’s what you want to do? Well, you could relax and watch the game, go out on a nice drive, or something else of your choosing. Again, no one breathing down your back if you’re single.

It also gives you a better chance to make more friends, and time to figure yourself out more and what you like in the opposite sex; so you don’t get stuck with some future regret. I literally can’t tell you how much better I’ve been enjoying life since that last break up. No more paragraph after paragraph texts with just pointless bitching, and telling me all of these useless things that honestly didn’t matter (even the entire time I’d be in work they’d send those type of messages!).

I’ve gone to a few bonfires, went on another solo trip to Portland and Seattle, enjoyed extra time with my friends. Not to mention saving so much money! I mean, I’m more than willing to spend money every couple of weeks to go on fun and exciting dates. When you get into a relationship with someone and they always wants to go out and about, you end up spending way too much money.

I’d like to thank you for reading! This is my first article in a little over a week and a half due to recovering from having all 4 wisdom teeth removed last Thursday and disrupting my creativity. I’m starting to get back into my full writing mode, and more to come soon.

Do you enjoy the single life? Have you had a bad relationship? Feel free to comment and tell us all below!

~J. A. Ross


Soup Creation

When I eat, I sometimes like to get creative with my food to make it more exciting; especially only being able to eat only soft foods at the moment. Due to my recent wisdom teeth removal. I used Progresso’s Creamy potato with bacon and soup. I then had some Cajun sausages, I grilled them a couple nights ago, and not being able to eat them normally, I blended them up.

I then mixed them into my soup. After, I put in about 5 thin slices of Colby Jack cheese, and re-heated up the soup in the microwave. Lastly, I added some garlic salt and chili powder. Least to say, it was some of the best soup I’ve had in a really long time. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

~J. A. Ross

Why I love Haikus (And How to Write One)

Recently, I’ve had a few people ask me what exactly defines a haiku, and why I enjoy writing them so much. Well, for starters: it’s a form of poetry that’s written in a 5 by 7 by 5 syllable format; anything that meets those qualifications is a haiku. Now, writing a bunch of jumbled words together would still be considered one, but not necessarily a good one (Unless trying a bit of experimenting).

Personally, I write haiku’s for a few reasons. A big one is the simplicity of the format. It makes it nice and convenient for me to have an easy release of my creativity. Secondly it’s the challenge it presents to me. It’s always my goal to find the most creative words possible to fit the syllable scheme, whilst telling a story as well.

I also don’t like just putting in some random gibberish. Meaning is always something I strive to put in my haiku’s (as well as the rest of my poetry). Lastly, I love to create specific ones to make it contain various references in the few words used.

The best way to start your journey with haiku’s is to think of something that inspires you; or observe your setting., writing a brief description on it. Then proceeding to come up with the right words to fit the format, and make your description powerful to build a picture in the reader’s mind.

Hopefully this gives a little insight on my love of haiku’s and why it’s my most common form of poetry form I use. It’s an art in it’s own! Also, once you master the haiku, try completing one of it’s sister poems- the tanka (5,7,5,7,7) and advance your story telling and poetry skills to the next level!

Example of a haiku (my own creation):

Trees sway back and forth,

Approaching storm looming near,

Winter emerging.

Hopefully this was informative to any newbies to the world of haiku’s. Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions below!

~ J. A. Ross


Why We Should Get Rid of Black Friday

Once again it’s that time of the year. The holiday season that is so beloved by many. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa,and more. This also means that the infamous Black Friday looms near. It all started back in 1924 after the first Macy’s Day Parade, and the term ‘Black Friday’ began to be used officially in the 1960’s. This means that this nonsense, all out shopping day has been going on for just over 90 years!

Whoever came up with the idea to put items on such absurd sales, and not expect there to be some violence, must have not not graduated high school. I’ll admit it has toned down a little over the years, but you still regularly hear in the news that so in so got stabbed, shot, or worse trampled. All of this over getting some temporarily inexpensive items, so cheap people can buy a bunch a stuff they most likely don’t need.

Many fail to release that the majority of these items on these crazy markdowns, will end up going on a large sale later anyways due to most of the items being older models that are being cycled out. Black Friday is a large company’s solution to getting rid of their old stock, and still profiting heavily from it. I know they do this; I work for a company that already has Black Friday sale’s going on. I see this type of thing every day I come to work (all price changes throughout the year).

Not only is Black Friday dangerous, but it’s also very unfair to any employee unfortunate to have to deal with all of the abrasive consumers. I wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone! If you haven’t ever had to work on a that day, you’re lucky! I’ve worked in store in the past, during this shopping event; it was a nightmare! It’s just an ocean of angry, stupid, and confused people. Sure not everyone fits that category. But it seems that the sale clicks something in their brains to make them turn into a bunch of assholes.

I do understand it’s a great event for people with lower incomes to get some gifts for their loved ones. But they should also realize that they just get swindled into  buying more discounted items than one normally would. This often means less thought into the gifts too.  They could’ve just waited until after the sale when the items sometimes get marked down much further, but without the mob.

For items they aren’t purchasing as gifts, why not just wait until the holidays are over. The after Christmas sale’s are nearly as good as the Black Friday sale, but you don’t get killed or maimed in the process! The point of this article is, that if you’re a regular participant on this after Thanksgiving shop-fest, you should put some consideration on at least being a decent human being. Remember to stay safe this Holiday Season and shop smart!

~ J. A. Ross

Schnauzer Puppy!

My family recently bought a mini schnauzer a few months ago. They’re incredibly intelligent animals and are fairly obedient… even as a pup. Now, I don’t live with my family anymore, but I visit regularly. My younger brothers were begging for a dog and the parent’s caved into the request. These type of dogs are great for children, and get house broken easily as well.

Another perk to the mini schnauzer, is they don’t really shed much. This makes it great for keeping your home loads cleaner, without having to worry about pet hair all over the place. They’re essentially the perfect indoor dog. Another great perk, or at least one that I’ve observed, is that these dogs really don’t bark much; unless threatened of course. This is fantastic due to most smaller dogs being infamous for being quite the little yelpers!

This dog has been named Buddy, a common, yet suitable name that fits his personality well. Whether you’re playing a little game of tug-o-war with one of his toys, or let him hop up in your lap and he starts to playfully lick you; he’s a real character! All in all, I’m very much looking forward to spending more time with the dog, and continuing the bond!

~ J. A. Ross