Learning Photoshop

Today, I began learning Adobe Photoshop CC 2017. I definitely have much work to do in acquiring some real skills with this program, as it has a ton of features! The tools alone take a couple days (or at least just a few photos to practice on) to get them down based on what I’ve experienced so far. In hopes of improving the quality of my photos that I post on my blog, I feel that becoming skilled in Photoshop will be key in making sure that happens.

Below are two versions of the picture I practiced on: the one on the top is the original copy and the one on the bottom is the finished one. As you’ll be able to see there will be several differences, and possibly not even for the better. But alas it’s a learning experience.



The bottom one has been cropped further, and has more color saturation. I also did a few spot repairs near the head of the swan; as well as additional adjustments. Comment below to tell me what you think!

~J. A. Ross


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