Conquering The Rapids

This photo was taken in Columbus, Georgia. They have a local rafting company by name of ‘Whitewater Express’. I took advantage of an area next to the main rapids to capture this photo.

I’ve been experimenting much more with different types of photography. Adobe Lightroom was was also a critical part of the final editing process; to get the desired results that I wanted.


This photo is a little bit of a comeback for my website. More posts to come soon!

~J. A. Ross


© 11/05/2017

Small Business Launch!

As of today, I’ve launched a new business by name of J A Ross Photography! The goal is to sell my photos as prints, canvas, and more… at the most affordable price that I can. My other goal, is to make sure to use some of my profits to donate money to my community and try to help out. I decided it was time to start this business sooner, rather than originally intended.

With that all said, I still will be posting quality articles, photos, and poetry to this website… as I haven’t forgot about the people who have supported me, and my creative ambitions! Currently, there are two products up for sale (more coming very soon). Both photos have placed in a Landscapes photo competition through Photocrowd. Both competitions had 100 entries and I placed 39/100 and 50/100 for the two photos I entered. These earned them a crowd rating top 50% award.


These two were also featured on my website as well in the past.

Below is the link the my online store. Feel free to check it out! I’m looking to have some reviews to get some feedback!

~J. A. Ross

Solo Trip Update!

I have exciting news for fans of my writing and photography! Beginning Monday, I’ll be going on a 7.5 day solo trip through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern Utah! I’ll be hitting 4 different National Parks, Ship Rock, and Albuquerque! My posting may be limited on my trip, but I’m expecting to have some exciting and new photography, as well as articles to share about the experience. This will be my 3rd major solo trip (though I have technically been on 4, the last one was much shorter and I don’t count it as ‘major’).

Traveling solo is beginning to become a big part of me, as I explore around the US. If you have questions, or want some tips on solo road trips, post a comment below, or send me a message!

~ J. A. Ross