What is Happiness?

What is happiness?

Maybe cars… or money.

Women; it could be women.

Perhaps fame; everybody around knowing your name.

Well, that’s all wrong.

All of it.

It doesn’t matter how many cars, or women you get.

Nor…how much money you have.

This is all but temporary.

Happiness is solely based on how you live your life.

Travel; see a movie alone, try new foods;

Experience life as it is around you;

Truly look get to know yourself.

Break the shell and meet new people;

Escape those chains holding you back.

Take a night away from the city and go look up at the stars.

Listen to new genres of music; explore your hobbies.

Keep on living your life!

Soon enough, you’ll ask yourself again: What is happiness?

This time, you’ll have the right answer.


This was some more free form poetry experimentation, as well of elements of a speech to create something a bit different.

~J. A. Ross


© RossJ781.com 01/05/2017







Thought of the Day #7 ~ New Quote

Due to different experiences I’ve had in life, and also based on an aspect of my personality, I came up with a new quote tonight, it goes:

“You may be the gasoline, but I’ll be the match that strikes to set you ablaze.”

This quote goes towards my strive to always be someone who takes pride in not being like everyone else, and also takes a stand for what’s right. It’s directed to those that try to force ideologies on me, and others; or try to make me/others live a life that they want us to; and the backlash they’ll receive. It refers as well, that no matter what they try to do, I’ll personally unleash my own reign fire (hypothetically of course!) upon them to show that nobody owns me, but me. That I will stand up for myself and others. Though at first the quote can sound a little harsh, this is really made in a positive light; it’s meant to help people who are oppressed by others; and give them motivation they may need.

I enjoy trying to inspire others and make them think more openly. If you have any opinions to this quote, please feel free to write them below! As always, thanks for the support!

~J. A. Ross

© RossJ781.com 2/16/2016

Fundraiser To Help After Fire Takes My Friend’s Home

Today, we’re still trying to raise money to help my friend Cera, and 3 others that lived with her, to get a new home. They have 12 days left in a hotel that the Red Cross is supplying for them, and we’re trying to get enough in the fund within the next 12 days, to get them a months rent, and a deposit for an apartment so they have a place to stay and catch up on finances to start buying furniture, clothes, and other basic necessities. They’ve lost nearly their possessions. Luckily none of them, or their pets were harmed in the fire. Below is a picture of the home. More pictures will be posted soon showing interior damage. There was over $70,000 in damages.

I started this fundraiser not just because I’m a friend; I started it because I’ve been wanting to help give back more to my community as well, and I myself almost lost everything to a fire June 22, 2014. The opposite side of my apartment building caught on fire, but fortunately they stopped it before it took the whole building and I didn’t lose anything. I was homeless for a month however, my items were sitting outside in some crude storage pods. I had to wait for another apartment to open up so I know it’s a very rough situation. It saddens me that these guys are actually going through what I feared most happening to me.

Also, being in the military, I feel it’s my public duty to do what I can to help out, whenever I can. So there you have it. There will be more updates added regularly on the fundraiser page until we hit our goal, to keep all contributors updated, and see the happiness of the these guys as they see all the support they’re getting. I would also would like to add that next week, along with my website’s upcoming name change and update, I will be selling photos directly on this site. I’ll be donating over 50% of profits until the goal is met, and then some. The rest will go back into supplies, and up keep costs. I figured that I have a website, why not use it to make a difference!


Below is an article about the incident as well from our local news station. Even just a few dollars will help as it adds up. I’m trying to spread this fundraiser to as many areas as I can to raise the goal as soon as possible to help these people in their time of need!


Below is the link to the fundraiser:


They thank in advance for all those who support this cause!

~J. A. Ross



Thought of the Day #5

For today’s Thought of the Day, I decided to do a quote I came up with yesterday:

“It doesn’t matter if some people like the things you draw, write, or create. As long as you feel satisfied with doing it, and are proud of what you create; that’s all that anyone should truly care about. The only person you should try to impress the most, is yourself.”

~J. A. Ross


Veteran’s Day

In honor of veteran’s day, here is a short poem. Currently serving in the National Guard myself; I feel it’s important to take remembrance for those who have helped, and continue help and make sacrifices to preserve our freedoms. Happy Veteran’s day to all!

Old glory flies high,

flowing in a light Fall breeze,

ode to the fallen,

services unforgotten,

glorious sign of freedom.

~ J. A. Ross

A Friend In Need!!

Hey everyone! I won’t usually post too many things like this, but this is really important too me! I like to help make a difference whenever I can, and a friend of mine’s brother, really needs some help! It’s for a Cancer reconstruction surgery. Anything will help! I’m short on cash, but making a donation myself today! Thanks!

~ J. A. Ross