Ducks, Ducks, And More Ducks!

As some of you may have noticed a couple of months ago, the last time I posted some pictures of these fine feathery friends; would be that I love ducks! It was finally a gorgeous day out here in Northern Utah, and I decided to take some photos of these awesome birds!

I hope you guys enjoyed the photos. Quack!

~J. A. Ross

© 2/26/2016




Thought of the Day #10 ~ Set A Trap at Starbucks

So, I saw a Starbucks today and this came to mind: if you’re looking to go white girl hunting, all you have to do is just set a trap with a pumpkin spice latte (especially with them being out of season), and throw the latest iPhone next to it. Boom! Simple as that! It’s a sure fire thing.

On a lesser note, I’m a little disappointed those lattes are out of season now; I kind of want one…

~J. A. Ross

© 2/25/2016

Song of the Day #1

Hello fellow music lovers! Are you looking for new songs to listen to, and want to expand your music library? Well, you’ve come to the right place! This is my first (Captain Obvious here) edition of Song of the Day. Some of you may be regulars for my Thought of the Day posts and may have noticed that despite the title, I sometimes don’t post them every day. Well, that’s because it’s just the song/thought of whatever day I’m able to post.Unlike Thought of the Day however, these posts won’t typically range in all sorts of different lengths of posts, or have topics published.

But enough of my babbling, without further ado, my first song of the day: So Gently We Go, by the band – I Mother Earth, who formed in Toronto, Canada. This is a song from a lesser known band that originated in the 90’s. It has very soothing start and though it keeps the more gentle sound throughout the song, it does build up quite well and gets more intense up until the climatic part of the song. It’s lyrics also make it an interesting listen. The genre of the song would be considered more of Progressive Rock for those curious folks out there. Here’s a the song below!

If you love the song, give the band some love and check out some of their other songs! Comment what you think of this song below. Thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

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My Crazy Morning

*Article contains some strong language.*

The only way I can describe today…thus far, is ridiculous, absurd, and insane. So it starts off the usual. It’s Wednesday, so I had to drive to my parent’s house to take my two young siblings to their school. No big deal, I have to get up a bit earlier and go out of my way to do the task, but I enjoy seeing them so it’s well worth it. This is when it started though. I throw on my clothes, put on my shoes, toss on a hat. I grab keys, phone, wallet….shit! The wallet, where the hell is it?

I frantically search all the way to the moon for it. I ran out to the car, checked the kitchen, living room; everywhere in my room. “Son of a bitch!” I exclaim. I’m in a deep panic now, it’s got my driver’s license, debit card, military ID, social security card… where could it be? Then I take notice to a few socks lying on my computer desk (clean of course) and I get suspicious. I walk over there and yank them off the desk; they land on my bed.

It was a moment where trumpets should’ve been playing, while a ray of light shown from the computer desk. In all of it’s glory, there lay my wallet. I wasn’t screwed! Gleefully I grabbed it, put it in my pocket, and I was on my way. Now it was time to drive among the morons of the road. Someone in a minivan next to me really wanted haul ass, and the speed limit was 50 mph. They were creeping up close to me so I did what I do best to these type of drivers.

I unleashed my powers of trolling…oh boy did I! I pulled out the old Utah dick move on this guy. I only save it for those who are in need of it. Now, I was still going a fair speed; 5 mph over the speed limit, so it wasn’t like I was slowing them down much. I kept glancing slightly behind behind me with childish joy as they tried to get around. Sorry, not happening guy. This continued until I got to the light just before my turn. They finally made it, but at least this improved my morning a bit. I got a laugh.

Well, I get the kids, and my monthly Loot Crate (woo!) waiting at the house, and then dropped the kids off at school. Time to head home. I get there and ecstatically look through the Loot Crate to see what I got. Some Deadpool and Walking Dead items… not too shabby! I then went to shower, and prepare for work. After, I my wash hands, and I get breakfast ready: remainder of my Beto’s burrito, and some microwave pretzel stuff (breakfast of champions people). I proceed to get the sauce out of the fridge, after setting the burrito on the table.

The sauce was placed on a lid as to avoid getting it on the wooden table. There’s a few items near it that had been set there prior to picking up the kids; I don’t think too much of it. I go to wash my hands again, because I’m weird like that and come back to the deliciousness bestowed upon my table. Those items were now starting to make me a little irate so I decide to take them to my room. Part of one the items brush the lid the sauce was sitting on. I can see what’s about to happen, but it’s too late!

Sauce goes everywhere! EVERYWHERE! Some ended up on the other side of the room. Even on the hallway wall that wasn’t facing the explosion. “What the fuck!? WHAT THE FUCKKKK!!!” I roared as I proceed to go velociraptor all over the apartment in anger. I had to leave for work in 10 minutes, and I was fresh out of paper towels, and I idiotically don’t have any cleaning towels. Another highly irritated, “Fuccck,” escapes me. I scramble about the apartment looking for something…anything to clean up this insufferable mess.

I fortunately uncover three blue hand towels that were waiting to be washed. Alright, time to get them even more dirty! I fill up a cup and soak the main site of the sauce spill disaster. Water meets carpet and then I scrub into it vigorously to remove this dreadful stain as best I could, with the little time that I had. Speaking of time, I glanced over at my clock. Shit! I’m definitely going to be late to work today. Not a problem, keep calm, I had 30 minutes of left over sick time to cover it. Whew!

All three rags are now soaked and covered in sauce, and there’s a faint red tint to the light brown carpet. It’ll have to do. I finish off the burrito, and then open the microwave to get the pretzels out. Damn! Some of the cheese leaked out; fantastic! I shrug and devour them, throw on some new pants, and rush out the door to my car. I get to my stoplight and there’s large delivery truck in front of me. This means I’ll be even later as it drove very slow, and it was just a one lane road with no passing. More velociraptor screams for my misfortune.

I finally arrive at work and bolt into the door, and head over to my cubicle. I clocked in. As some of you may know, I work as a chat rep in a call center so that doesn’t necessarily help anything if you’re in a bad mood, while getting that one occasional ignorant customer. Anyways, I finally get logged in and get to work. Over the next 30 minutes I start to feel my feet getting a bit warmer progressively, around my toes. What could be causing this? I mean, I know I work in Mordor with how hot they keep the building, but I needed to investigate.

It turns out I still had a small amount of hot sauce on my feet and it was causing it it rash up. Noooo! Not now! I’m at work! I threw some crumpled up paper towels from our break room on them and called it good. They stopped burning for the most part. So… at this point I was pretty irritated up until my break and finally the beast inside was calmed with what I love best; food. But alas, it was over. This bullshit morning had ended and noon welcomed me into it’s grasp. Today is my Friday, and I have pulled through. Or did I??

Thanks for reading about my crazy morning, which was chalk full of first world problems! If you have any responses you’d like to add, just put them in the comments below!

~J. A. Ross

© 2/23/2016




Thought Of The Day 6# Valentine’s Day

So I don’t really care about Valentine’s day. In fact, I think it’s just a sorry excuse of a holiday, that makes many people have to spend more unnecessary money. But anyways… as I don’t have a special someone myself…I get to that chance save a few bucks this year. Though, this doesn’t mean I didn’t celebrate the holiday in my own way.


Today has still been a very special day. I ended up finding 2 sets of really nice power armor for my character in Fallout 4; I then upgraded it. My character is a hell of a lot happier that they can now wander the wasteland a lot faster.

Next, after feeling like I gave my character in Fallout something nice, I figured I’d go in Minecraft and get them something fancy. Diamond, that’s right, I mined them some diamonds! I even through in a couple emeralds. Now that’s class!

~J. A. Ross

© 2/12/2016



Fundraiser To Help After Fire Takes My Friend’s Home

Today, we’re still trying to raise money to help my friend Cera, and 3 others that lived with her, to get a new home. They have 12 days left in a hotel that the Red Cross is supplying for them, and we’re trying to get enough in the fund within the next 12 days, to get them a months rent, and a deposit for an apartment so they have a place to stay and catch up on finances to start buying furniture, clothes, and other basic necessities. They’ve lost nearly their possessions. Luckily none of them, or their pets were harmed in the fire. Below is a picture of the home. More pictures will be posted soon showing interior damage. There was over $70,000 in damages.

I started this fundraiser not just because I’m a friend; I started it because I’ve been wanting to help give back more to my community as well, and I myself almost lost everything to a fire June 22, 2014. The opposite side of my apartment building caught on fire, but fortunately they stopped it before it took the whole building and I didn’t lose anything. I was homeless for a month however, my items were sitting outside in some crude storage pods. I had to wait for another apartment to open up so I know it’s a very rough situation. It saddens me that these guys are actually going through what I feared most happening to me.

Also, being in the military, I feel it’s my public duty to do what I can to help out, whenever I can. So there you have it. There will be more updates added regularly on the fundraiser page until we hit our goal, to keep all contributors updated, and see the happiness of the these guys as they see all the support they’re getting. I would also would like to add that next week, along with my website’s upcoming name change and update, I will be selling photos directly on this site. I’ll be donating over 50% of profits until the goal is met, and then some. The rest will go back into supplies, and up keep costs. I figured that I have a website, why not use it to make a difference!


Below is an article about the incident as well from our local news station. Even just a few dollars will help as it adds up. I’m trying to spread this fundraiser to as many areas as I can to raise the goal as soon as possible to help these people in their time of need!

Below is the link to the fundraiser:

They thank in advance for all those who support this cause!

~J. A. Ross