New Official Website Logo

With the promise of bringing new content to my website, I figured,… why not draw up a new logo. After a couple days of working on it, I present to you my new official logo for my website:


I’ll be posting a more refined version soon. Also, expect a couple of new Articles by tomorrow evening/Friday morning.

~J. A. Ross

New Content Coming Soon!

I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus lately. Lots of things going on that have strayed me away from making my usual posts. I’m planning a few more projects to work on, as well as more poetry, photography, and articles to be posted. As well as… you guessed it!… Some additional content, including a new weekly feature I’m planning. So if you’re a regular here, keep you eye out! But for now, here’s my latest drawing:


With the holidays gone (finally), and a cleared up schedule, new content will be out in the next few days. My apologies to any regulars for the lack of content. Thanks for continued support!

~J. A. Ross


Family Guy Fan Artwork

I drew both of these while I was bored at work. Yesterday I posted a picture with Brian Griffin, but I colored him, and inked him today. I drew all of Stewie Griffin (colored, and inked today as well). Going to work on Peter Griffin tomorrow. I just go find a picture of them on the internet, and then draw it. I haven’t really done too much drawing in the last 3 or so years…so I’m a little rusty. But It’s great to get back into drawing again!

If you like them, tell me what you think in the comments below!

~J. A. Ross