Auroras And Car Lights

InkedIMG_1407 - Copy_LI

I took this picture outside of Fairbanks, Alaska; mid December of 2017. One of the first Aurora photos I’ve ever taken. Also, this was definitely much on the experimental side. Although slightly blurred, I feel the picture overall captures the Alaskan winter at it’s best! A car just so happened to drive up, as I was using long long exposure settings on my camera to capture the auroras!

~J. A. Ross



© 12/18/2018

Website Photography Update

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally acquired the funds I needed to purchase a brand new camera, and I will no longer have to rely only on my phone’s camera. Some pictures off my phone will still occasionally  be used ( excluded photos yet to be uploaded from my last 2 major trips I went on; these were already still scheduled to be posted prior to this.)


From today onward however, you’ll be seeing many, much higher quality photos as I continue my adventures and continue to deliver more pictures to all of you! I’ll be uploading a couple of test photos with the camera sometime today as well! The camera I selected is a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. I purchased a long distance lens as well.

~J. A. Ross