I Might Have To Buy A Blender

I might have to buy a blender soon. Due to the fact I have to get all of my wisdom teeth out at the same time, with the lovely bonus of an additional tooth removal. That’s right; you heard it here! But not one you’re thinking of. I got an extra permanent tooth still in my gums, under an already existing permanent tooth. It’s certainly not ultra common thing either, seeing as there’s a 2% chance to get an extra tooth with the adult set. These are known as supernumerary teeth. But anyways…back to what’s at hand: I might want to buy a blender! Back a couple of posts ago I was discussing cooking, not wanting to eat out much, blah blah, the whole 9 yards.

Well, with getting all these teeth removed and having several gaping holes for like a week; I’m probably not going to be able to eat anything unless it’s blended; or soup. And that could get damn expensive going out for smoothies and a soup for a week (or more). So, I want to go out and buy some more fruits, veggies, other stuff and possibly blend them, and make some meals, to save money (definitely separate the fruits and veggies!) This is why I should probably just buy a (cheap) blender. Decisions!

My New Cooking Obsession/Attempts To Not Eat Out Anymore.

Recently I’ve found that I’ve been spending far too much money eating out. Not only am I spending all this extra money; the food that you get when eating out just isn’t that good for you. I pretty much cut eating out entirely, except maybe once every two weeks I’ll go grab something as a treat. Now granted I’m still pretty new at cooking, and though I can be pretty proud of some of the meals I’ve prepared, they’re overall pretty basic. I’ve been happy that I haven’t gotten food poisoning on a couple of those meals (Just kidding of course)! Preparing meat in general is something that I’ve been trying to get better at, because it is one of my best sources of much needed protein (I donate plasma) and it is also one the most expensive things to get when eating out, typically.

So far I’ve only prepared some chicken and put it into the crock-pot (which turned out great!), I’ve prepared ground beef which is an essential ingredient for many foods which highly opens my options for a good meal. Bacon and sausage as well to make delicious breakfast meals, or use for other meals. Soon I’ll be trying to prepare a rump roast. As for additional healthier dishes, I’ve found a great recipe for sauteed Sugar Snap Peas. It was really good and fairly healthy (I’ll post a recipe soon), as well as some good salad fixings differing from some of your average ingredients that are used.

They also have an alternative meal option when you throw some simple Raman noodles in with the mix. This made it kind of like some type of Asian food. It had Asian dressing, a few veggies common with food from that region, and Sriracha sauce, (it’s like very Americanized Asian food!). Now for the last part of this, back to the ground beef. I made some amazing beef and been/cheese burritos and tacos that were far better than any fast food restaurant. They were so good, I almost don’t want the fast food versions anymore! I’ll make another post in a few days if I make anymore more good meals!