Blog Changes, and New Content Are Soon to Come!

Due to permanently leaving social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, I’m renewing focus on this blog, and I will exclusively share my photography, and the majority of my writing on this website for friends, family, and those of you who have stumbled here, to enjoy! Rather than rushing to post content or having an emphasis on goals such as getting a larger amount of viewers/traffic to this blog, I will instead focus on publishing quality (and original) content. Nonetheless, if the viewers come, then that’s fantastic, but if they don’t, that’s fine too, I’ll still be here doing my thing!

 This is a place for me to still connect with people, but even more so an outlet for my creativity, and expression my thoughts and opinions, through writing, photography, art, or whatever else I may be indulging in. Essentially, I plan on posting perhaps 2-4 times a week, occasionally more if the content is relatively shorter than usual. But I am also a full time college student currently focusing on pursuing a double majoring in both English and History for my bachelor’s program. After, I will be entering a master’s program to eventually become a junior high, or more than likely a secondary school teacher.

So, if you notice another lapse of posts, worry not, it just might mean that school has me a bit tied up for a week, or … I’m traveling which will definitely be happening more once the Covid-19 pandemic chills out. With all said, I look forward to contributing towards my blog again after a nearly 2 year lapse in activity, and it sure does feel great to be back!

Oh…. and If you notice my grammar is sometimes off, that’s likely intentional for some papers! To get that break from college writing, I’ll sometimes be informal or use slang haha! (And the cover photo is the Honolulu skyline that I took December, 2019!)

-J. A. Ross

© RossJ781.com March 7th, 2021

Website Photography Update

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve finally acquired the funds I needed to purchase a brand new camera, and I will no longer have to rely only on my phone’s camera. Some pictures off my phone will still occasionally  be used ( excluded photos yet to be uploaded from my last 2 major trips I went on; these were already still scheduled to be posted prior to this.)


From today onward however, you’ll be seeing many, much higher quality photos as I continue my adventures and continue to deliver more pictures to all of you! I’ll be uploading a couple of test photos with the camera sometime today as well! The camera I selected is a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. I purchased a long distance lens as well.

~J. A. Ross

Website Update

Hello everyone! It’s been a couple weeks since I have been active. You’re all probably wondering where I’ve been (all my regular followers mainly) and the easy answer is taking a little break. But I’ll give you the more in depth answer too: I was gone for around 8 days on a solo trip through Colorado, Southern Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. The vacation was both for leisure as well as for photography to post to my site to enhance my content.

I’m proud to say on the trip alone I captured nearly 2,700 amazing images of our southern high region desert, and many of them are usable for the site. Overall, I have nearly 3,000 photos with about 300 added from a political rally I attend in Salt Lake City, UT; and additional event’s including watching a friend’s band play live, and  from a bonfire I went to. I’ll also be writing more soon as well when I can get the time.

I also needed a break just from added stress at work. Being on a computer all night at home, as well as using one all day for my job kind of deterred me for a bit from wanting to post. But I’m now all rested up and ready to get posting again! This is just a little announcement that there is more great content to come and that I’m still out here. Also, there are still plans for a website name change and a also for a website upgrade to have e-commerce soon, with some of my photos out for purchase. More details on that when I get to that point. I may also change the website theme as well.

Stay tuned for more updates here soon, and as always… thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

My Friend Lost Their Home To A Fire. In Need Of Donations To Help Her!

Tonight, my friend Cera lost her home and possessions in a fire. She is currently displaced and I’ve created this gofundme profile with a goal of $10,000 to try and help her gain back new possessions, and a new place to call home. It’s a steep goal, but I feel with some helping hands, we can obtain it, or at least get a fair amount in to help her out in her time of desperation! I’m putting in the first donation with as much as I can spare, but I will be able to put in another this following week.

Link below:



We thank you for your help, kindness, and consideration for anyone who is able to donate in advance!

~J. A. Ross

My Proposed Sale Opportunity

For anyone whom has interest, I’m considering the possibility of making a few prints of some of these select few of the photo’s I’ve taken, and selling them individually/in sets; for a fair price. All of the pictures below I consider to be some of my best photos to date and would like to hear your opinions.

Being an amateur photographer, I feel these capture my signature style, and I feel that was important when selecting these. As for sizes of the prints, I’ll look into what I can create. I’ll also be making a few sample printed pieces this upcoming weekend and will display them.

Thanks for reading, and comment your opinions below!

~J. A. Ross

© RossJ781.com 10/20/2015

Sundance Film Festival 2016

Yesterday, Friday the 28th of January, I visited Park City, Utah; for the Sundance Film Festival. This gallery contains my choice photographs, that I took throughout my afternoon/evening adventure around the town. A couple photographs have a slight blur as there was so much movement, in one cramped tourist town (really only in the theater), and the fact, I must rely on using my phone for pictures.

I’ve also captured a group of people filming an episode for a show’s upcoming second season, including one lucky shot I got of the actors in an apparent drama filled scene for their show. I also attended one film titled ‘White Girl’. The film depicted the consequences of drug use and the mindset of invincibility, that many young people think they have. It was a very well made movie!

The director and the film’s producers came on the stage for a Q&A after the film was over, and I also had a chance to meet all of them. Very nice people, especially the director. They were genuine, and were very flattered when complimented on their film. The director is the the woman on stage wearing the black hat, and the producers were the two guys sharing the stage with her.

She is actually married to one of the producers. The other lady that is shown on stage, is one of the director’s managing the film festival. Also, as shown in one of my photos, I was able to have my film ticket signed by the director. I wish them luck in getting their film widely released, as it is her debut. Enjoy the photos!

~J. A. Ross