The Flies Find Home

The conclusion to my fly haiku (flyku) poetry series.

Unused paper found,

flies feverishly make way,

displaced no longer.

The main point I was setting to make with posting this series… is that if your truly creative, you can  write a poem or story about anything (also to provide humor). I mean, I wrote 5 poems about a flies. Flies people! The original one (as mentioned in the first one) was literally inspired by one that landed on my paper during my high school creative writing class. Let the creativity flow! If any of you are having writer’s block, you have to think out of the box.

Stay fly!

~ J. A. Ross

In case you missed Part 4: or search ‘fly’ on my site.

Homeless Flies

The 4th installment to my Flyku series!

Wind whistling on by,

paper is grabbed by the gust,

lost refugee flies.

The final installment to the flyku haiku saga (If you can even call it that) coming soon! As well as new articles after a little break. Once again, stay fly!

~ J. A. Ross

Previous installment:

The Fly Gets A Companion

Part 3 of my fly poetry series:

At rest on paper,

fly doesn’t roam to the edge;

fly looking to sky,

another fly, flying by;

paper gains a new dweller.

Part 4 coming soon (of course!). Until then, stay fly!

-J. A. Ross

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