How I Got Locked Inside A Bathroom Trailer

Here I was in Guatemala with another day seemingly coming to an end. It’d been hot one as with all the other ones, and the humidity was through the roof as usual for this country. I was off duty and closing in on that time of the day, so… I headed to one of the trailer bathrooms to utilize it. This was about 4 days or so into our two week mission we had with a couple other Army units, and an Airforce group. Everyone was still getting adjusted to this exotic area. I get to the trailer and manage to find an empty one. The lock on the inside was broken although not thinking much about this, I dealt with it and did my business.

At one point someone knocked, and I yelled out it was occupied. There was a brief sound of was appeared to be someone bumping the door then went away. It was probably 20-25 degrees hotter inside each of the 6 separate bathroom stalls per trailer. To say the least; I didn’t want to spend more time in there than what I had to. So that’s what I did, or… would’ve done. After washing my hands I was eager to get back outside to the ‘cooler’ 85 degree weather as it was about 7 PM, and the sun had already set.

I reached to push the door open but it wouldn’t budge. What the hell is up with this? I sure didn’t lock it! I kept struggling to get the door open, but the damn thing wouldn’t give. I’m sure you’re wondering what type of moron I was to get myself locked inside a bathroom trailer stall. Well I don’t want to appear cliche when I say it wasn’t my fault,…. but it wasn’t my fault! Here’s why: these bathroom stalls on the trailer each had a lock on the outside as well as the inside. These locks on the exterior keep the doors from opening while pulling the trailer.

Locks on the inside to give you the ability to get out in case of the outside one getting locked mistakenly. This would’ve worked great for me, but my interior lock was fucking broken! I tried to twist the mechanism to get it to turn but it wasn’t wanting to budge. It was jammed and I couldn’t get the leverage for it to move,(I spent 3 or 4 minutes trying to turn it). Now I was in a bit of a panic mode with it appearing to get even hotter the longer I was in there. I did the next sensible thing and began banging the hell out of the door and yelling for someone to help out.

I kept this up for nearly 10 additional minutes and still no response. The bathrooms were away from the tents in which we stayed therefore they couldn’t hear me from that area. It wasn’t the busier part of the night either when people brushed their teeth and prepped for bed. Luckily I had my phone on me while suddenly remembering one of the guys in my group had service too; I possessed their number within my contacts. I send them a hurried message asking for help; notifying I’m locked in a bathroom. I’d  been in this damn thing for almost 25 minutes at this point (counting using the actual bathroom), and sweat profusely ran down my body.

Two minutes pass; eventually I get a response back. Yes! YES! I’m going to be freed from my toilet cell of doom! The actual response was a very lively stating, “Are you fucking serious?” I replied back, “It’s locked from the outside.” He asked which one trailer and stall. I gave him the best instructions I could and he found it about 6-7 minutes later. I had been continually banging on the door the entire time so he could find the right one.

Outside, I could hear someone faintly approaching through the noise of the generators. Suddenly, the lock on the outside makes a clicking sound and it’s unlocked. They open the door. The nice, cooling 85 Degree breeze rocks through the opening. He look at me and asked how in the hell this happened. I explained defiantly that someone accidentally messed with the outside lock. At this point I had sweated so much (Certainly I looked ridiculous) that it looked as if I’d just taken a shower. I hadn’t yet, but definitely needed one at that point in time!

Overall, I spent nearly 35 minutes in this likely 115-120 degree trailer and at the end I’d been virtually exhausted from banging on the doors in that kind of heat. I took some crap for the incident a good remainder of the mission, but it was all in good fun. I was simply happy someone was able to help me and that I didn’t die from heat exhaustion in there. Not dying is always the scenario I prefer!

If you have any opinions or questions on this article, comment below. As always, thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

© 01/24/2017




Card Games: My New Major Interest…(For The Moment)

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted, and I know I hit you all with a couple of posts last month stating more upcoming posts. That of course wasn’t a lie, though I didn’t expect to have another large hiatus in between those posts and this. Well… it happened, but worry not, I’m back in this game! I would also like to say that I have a lot of great content coming your way as I came back from a couple of weeks in Guatemala this past week, recently left my job at my call center on a transfer to a different part of the company, and my adventures of being sick (again).

So here is where the whole Guatemala thing ties into this article: while I was out there waiting for some work to do, some people in my group taught me how to play cards. The first game I learned to play was Hearts. Though challenging at first, I caught on quite quickly and eventually we grew a little bored of it and they decided to teach  me a semi similar game, though a lot more at stake as well as some more complex additions (assuming you’re betting). The game is Spades, and I would classify it as my second favorite card game. Between trying to get the right amount of books each round, to avoiding sandbags, while also attempting to choke the other team out of getting their books; it turned out to be rather intense!

The next game I learned takes the crown as my new favorite card game, and really the only card game I’ve played since I’ve come back from my trip. Texas Hold’em. I’m almost a little addicted to it. Seeing as I haven’t had many opportunities to play against other people in person, I downloaded an App for it to learn more in depth the various hands, and to experiment with betting strategies… as well as learning to read other players betting habits. It’s not quite as good as playing with people in person, and there are quite a few dipshits that play the App, to essentially troll others by always by going ‘all in’ with their bet constantly even thought they have garbage in their hand.

Besides those assholes, I’ve gotten very useful experience as I’m trying to get good enough at the game to go gamble in Wendover, NV; with my friend at the low stakes tables for good fun; while at the same time hoping to not lose much money. I did have a chance just last night to play against real people for the first time in a couple weeks, just for fun, which was nice. The next major game I learned how to play is Rummy. I found this to be a challenging game as well, and it had a lot more going on all over the table which made it exciting!

Of course, I couldn’t have just played a bunch of card games, without learned how to shuffle better, and bridge (at least semi good). I was taught how to deal 21 and Texas Hold’em which actually assist me in understanding to those games more in depth. Based on my observations, I’ve determined that I’m a natural at cards due to my abilities to catch onto the rules quickly, strategize, and even beat experienced players whilst not just having a win handed to me. I’m most definitely still a beginner and I’ll remember to not get too cocky. I guess it was just a little bit of that table talk that I was taught (Do remember to be easy with that, I learned!)

Be on the look out for an upcoming article on my last few days at the call center after 1.5 years working there. Also watch for pictures from Guatemala, as well as my photos yet to be shared from my previous trip of the New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Arizona, and Utah deserts. Thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

© 05/11/2016