Blog Changes, and New Content Are Soon to Come!

Due to permanently leaving social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram, I’m renewing focus on this blog, and I will exclusively share my photography, and the majority of my writing on this website for friends, family, and those of you who have stumbled here, to enjoy! Rather than rushing to post content or having an emphasis on goals such as getting a larger amount of viewers/traffic to this blog, I will instead focus on publishing quality (and original) content. Nonetheless, if the viewers come, then that’s fantastic, but if they don’t, that’s fine too, I’ll still be here doing my thing!

 This is a place for me to still connect with people, but even more so an outlet for my creativity, and expression my thoughts and opinions, through writing, photography, art, or whatever else I may be indulging in. Essentially, I plan on posting perhaps 2-4 times a week, occasionally more if the content is relatively shorter than usual. But I am also a full time college student currently focusing on pursuing a double majoring in both English and History for my bachelor’s program. After, I will be entering a master’s program to eventually become a junior high, or more than likely a secondary school teacher.

So, if you notice another lapse of posts, worry not, it just might mean that school has me a bit tied up for a week, or … I’m traveling which will definitely be happening more once the Covid-19 pandemic chills out. With all said, I look forward to contributing towards my blog again after a nearly 2 year lapse in activity, and it sure does feel great to be back!

Oh…. and If you notice my grammar is sometimes off, that’s likely intentional for some papers! To get that break from college writing, I’ll sometimes be informal or use slang haha! (And the cover photo is the Honolulu skyline that I took December, 2019!)

-J. A. Ross

© RossJ781.com March 7th, 2021

Thought of the Day #7 ~ New Quote

Due to different experiences I’ve had in life, and also based on an aspect of my personality, I came up with a new quote tonight, it goes:

“You may be the gasoline, but I’ll be the match that strikes to set you ablaze.”

This quote goes towards my strive to always be someone who takes pride in not being like everyone else, and also takes a stand for what’s right. It’s directed to those that try to force ideologies on me, and others; or try to make me/others live a life that they want us to; and the backlash they’ll receive. It refers as well, that no matter what they try to do, I’ll personally unleash my own reign fire (hypothetically of course!) upon them to show that nobody owns me, but me. That I will stand up for myself and others. Though at first the quote can sound a little harsh, this is really made in a positive light; it’s meant to help people who are oppressed by others; and give them motivation they may need.

I enjoy trying to inspire others and make them think more openly. If you have any opinions to this quote, please feel free to write them below! As always, thanks for the support!

~J. A. Ross

© RossJ781.com 2/16/2016

Brew of the Week: #1- Huckleberry Cream Ale

Welcome to Brew of the Week! The first brew for my new weekly review is Huckleberry Cream Ale. Its brewed and canned by the Laughing Dog Brewing Co. This is an Idaho brand, made in the city of Ponderay. This is a darker ale, which I’m not typically a fan of, however when it’s made; it ferments with real and freshly picked huckleberries. This mixture made it appeal to a person such as myself.

When you first take a sip, the strength of the wheat ale essence hits you, but then the flavor of the huckleberries begins to melt in with the flavor, smoothing it out. The creaminess then hits and leaves you with a fantastic overall tasting brew.

Once it’s swallowed, the after taste immediately kicks in and leaves you with the great flavor of huckleberries.


This isn’t a brew that you want to just chug or drink quickly. It’s great for sipping, or taking a hearty mouthful to enjoy the quality mix of ingredients.

Overall out of a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) I’d give this ale an 8.5/10.This would be a rare score from me for any darker ale; I suggest giving it a try if your area carries it, or if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest of the country. Keep an eye out for next week’s review!

~J. A. Ross

Fall Of A Tyrant – Song Sample

This song is called The Darkest Glow, and it’s by a friend of mine’s band: Fall Of A Tyrant. Some of you may have heard of them. They’ve allowed me to post this track to give a sample of their music. I have an article coming out about them soon. But until then, enjoy this song!