Thought of the Day 12# – United States Media/ Purpose of Thought of the Day

*As a foresight, my ‘Thought of the Day’ posts are the only posts on my site that will contain any regular political, and/or religious topics (for the most part, slight references may sneak their way into my other works on occasion). Why do I do this you ask? Aren’t those topics kind of taboo for some people? Why, yes. Yes they are. However, I feel it’s important, as it’s a way for me to let free some of my viewpoints and let them be seen, as well as to give my readers/followers more insight into me. I believe this can make me more relatable when you read my other posts, and that is my goal. I want to connect with my readers as well.

Now for my opinion on the United State’s media: since I’ve finally caught up on Real Time With Bill Maher, (minus tonight’s episode). A few thought’s came to mind. First off,  what other show can you watch where they will light a joint on live television to make a point; or blantanly call out the media for what they are… and that is drama. A reality show is what most ‘real’ American new channels have become. On another note; isn’t it kind of sad how people can get more accurate news from show’s similar to Real Time or the Daily Show; than  a regular new’s channel. They’re comedians for fuck’s sake and report current events more accurately. America, we need to get our shit together because we’re behind the curve. Whether you believe it or not… it’s the truth.

This article though, short, gets 2 points across to open more insight to my readers. If you disagree with me, well I support your right to disagree with open arms. Hell, I’ll buy you a beer even. As always, thanks for reading and live any thoughts or opinions below!

~J. A. Ross

© 03/04/2016

Thought of the Day #4: My Opinion on the US Minimum wage

For this addition of ‘Thought of the Day’, I’m going to send my focus to the minimum wage of the United States, which is an astoundingly low $7.25 an hour. Much lower than the average developed country, and frankly I feel that’s pathetic for our country to be so hellbent at claiming that we’re number 1 at everything. Face it people, we’re not. We’d all like to say it, but our education is going down; out healthcare still needs work; we do have too much spending focused on war as opposed to renewable energy and taking care of our own people. We’re getting behind in the scheme of things. One way to start getting a grasp on things is to have companies pay our citizens a livable wage.

It doesn’t matter what the job is, people deserve the right to not have to work themselves to death, just to buy basic necessities and pay their bills to support a family. People will be like, “They’re good jobs for people to go to college, but people need to move on to different things after some time.” Sure, everyone wants to move to bigger things. Who really wants to spend their years working fast food, or customer service? Nobody does! But some people simply can’t get around. Not everyone is born to go to college; it’s a reality we have to accept. It doesn’t mean someone isn’t intelligent by any means, but it’s expensive, and very time consuming. Some people aren’t cut out for it, but they can still find their way.

College kids can’t survive on that either to be honest. College is overpriced, and sometimes you have to take what job you can get, so you can squeak by. The minimum wage hasn’t risen in about 12 years, but there’s been several instances of inflation in that time range. Prices will always rise a little whether the minimum wage is raised or not. $15 could be a little steep I suppose in the eyes of some people(though some states definitely need it as they have a higher cost of living), but they should be able to make $11-12 an hour in the average state. That’s fairly livable for most college students/younger people’s standards.

Not to mention several jobs that are minimum wage, this country relies on. It’s not just fast food. Plus,… fast food workers do put up with a ton of shit. Customers can be complete assholes and unbearable. These type of low wage companies also have their employees meet unrealistic standards. They deserve more than a meager $7.25 an hour for their hard work. Sure, some people are lazy, but no matter what job you look into-whether its the military, a call center, or your average store. You’re going to find the occasional lazy person. But you’re making a pretty bold statement to call millions of people lazy, when they’re probably working harder than you to survive.

We all know billion dollar companies can afford to pay their employees more easily. It will hardly make a dent in their record profits. However, people will ask, “What about Mom and Pop shops?” See, here’s how an effective economy works: If you pay people a piss poor $7.25 an hour, they don’t spend money if they don’t have to. They hoard it; save it for essentials only. You raise the wages, people have more money to keep up with inflation. They also have extra money left over after bills and essentials for entertainment and a few more minor luxuries.

Hence, If more people have extra money, mom and pop places also make a lot more money, and can afford to pay their employees the updated minimum wage in the least with little to no difficultly . That simple; people have money, they will spend it and put more in the economy. Just let that sink in. Keeping people poor only puts more money in the pockets of billionaires, and not in the average Joe or the economy. Trickle-down doesn’t work and a minimum wage of $7.25 doesn’t either. It’s shameful people are so blind to that.

To match 12 years of inflation, we would need to be at least around $10 an hour for the minimum. That’s a fair starting wage. It’s $2.75 more than minimum wage, and enough to still take several people off welfare,or use less of it in the least. For those of you whining about welfare, raising the minimum makes you pay less on your taxes towards welfare, because companies are now forced to do so for you. Keeping the wages low increases your taxes. It’s that simple. Have a heart, and quit over complicating things people!

If you have an opinion, keep it civil, and post a comment below! As always, thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

Thought of the Day #3: Wal-Mart

To revive my ‘Thought of the Day’ series, I decided today’s thought will revolve around Wal-Mart. I always hear bitching about welfare, and people being on it just because their lazy. While this may the case for a couple people here and there, it would be an incredibly minuscule percentage of people who use welfare (nowhere near even 1%). This is where Wal-Mart comes in. It’s companies such as them, that make people have to go on welfare in the first place. We’re talking about a company where their top 6 share holders (the Walton family themselves) have more money combined in their bank accounts, then what nearly 50% of Americans have in their’s at any given time.

They pay their employees a piss poor wage, with little to no benefits,…when they can easily increase their wages. In all honesty, what would a $3 increase in pay really do to their profits. It’d hardly make a dent and can make a huge difference to employees. My other questions are: why does the greedy Walton family really need with all those billions? Are they just hoarding it to gain a title of richest family in the world? How will they even spend all of that money? Seriously, they can spend a couple million a day for years at time and still be incredibly filthy rich.

Stuff like this makes America fall behind other developed countries. You can work 40 hours a weeks,plus overtime in this country, and still not even make enough to cover your monthly expenses. I think it’s sickening that our country is more focused on  silly things that don’t help people much in the long run such as guns for example. (Yes, I’m alright with people owning guns for the most part, but they’re not an absolute necessity. Just using them as an example.) We’re more concerned about laws for the uses of in-animate objects we don’t need all that much, than actually helping our own people.

Corporations like Wal-Mart are disgusting because they use cheap labor to make their products outside of the US, and give low wages to their workers in the store so they can make maximum profits, and exploit their employees. They’ll also cut hours, but because their already making so little, the workers suffer more. So I’m calling out Wal-Mart, the Walton’s, and any other similar company. When will you abysmal individuals step up to the plate and pay your employees a living wage? Instead of hiding behind your mountains of money while you watch them struggle.

*It’s normally a goal of mine to stray away from politics on my posts, however my ‘Thought of the Day’ will occasionally do the opposite. If you have an opinion, post and keep it civil, or it will be deleted.

As always, thanks for your reading and continued support!

~J. A. Ross