A Little About Me!

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My name is Jason, and this is my first blog. I enjoy writing, and photography! What better place to show them off, than on a blog! I write humor, poetry, articles, short stories, reviews, etc; you name it! All of my content will be of my own original work, any that is used, for say in an articles, I will cite the source to the best of my ability, although those will be rare occurrences where any outside sources would be utilized. I’m dedicated to ensuring my blog is original, and has a great variety as well. Anyways, welcome to my blog and feel free to share any posts you enjoy! I love sharing my creativity and it’s fun seeing other people enjoy it as well!

Recent fun facts since my nearly two years of absence in posting: I recently was honorable discharged from the US Army after active duty service being stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska for 3 years and I’m now a veteran; I am currently attending college with goals to double major in English and History to become a teacher; I completely relocated to the Portland Metro area, although on the Washington side of the Columbia River; and some places I traveled since my last posts were: Hawaii, California, around the interior of Alaska and some Southern portions, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and driving through the Yukon, and British Columbia in Canada (I drove the whole Alcan starting Alaska down to Washington State solo, and yes, during the COVID-19 Pandemic).

Future trips Include back to Utah, Possible short trip to Indiana, a bit of exploring around the PNW where I live, and I’m planning a trip to New England in August (likely Massachusetts!). Also, the picture used is a more recent one taken back in September driving through British Columbia, Canada.

~J. A. Ross


Most photos on this blog are originals taken by me, with exceptions to some of my early/initial posts. However, I have mostly replaced the originally used google images, with my own photos, due to simply being new to blogs when I created this in 2015!

3 thoughts on “A Little About Me!

  1. Hi Jason, thank you for the follow at words like honey. I actually experienced southern Utah for four years. I lived up near Colorado City for a while and then Hurricane and La Verkin. I recall some speedy drivers, but they are here in Oregon too..

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