New Year’s Resolutions- Who Needs Them Anyway?

The New Year is on the way and you know what that means for many people: New Year’s Resolutions. Well, let me tell you why they’re a bunch of bullshit. First off, if you want to make a resolution, why wait for a new year that can be months away. If you’re not going to commit to your goals sooner rather than later, the blunt truth is it’s probably not going to happen.

Unless, you put in the real effort to make it happen. I feel making Resolutions on New Year’s Day are highly overrated, and I’ve witnessed people who just quit on them, mere weeks to a couple months later. It’s because they made the goal off of empty ambition and did it only because of a change of day. If it means something to you, you won’t wait.

Like exercising, one of the most common types of resolutions made. If it’s September, and you’re waiting until January 1st to make your commitment, it’s bound to not go through all the way in the long run. You also would end up packing on a couple extra pounds through the holidays, making the endeavor more difficult.

To me, I feel people like making excuses. I mean, I make them myself too sometimes, but I’ll own up to them. Other people hide behind them and go through life this way. I’ve personally been raised to try and avoid excuses whenever possible. It’s not a bad thing for people to want to make New Year’s Resolutions by any means, but commit to them. It won’t mean that I’ll change my opinion though.

Hell, even if you don’t have the time or energy to continue with it, but you put in the right dedication to at least make something happen on your own, without the drive of a holiday to start it in the first place. You can always try it again another time, but it’ll still be on your own accord. Not under the pressure of one stupid day of the year or from your friends.

Opinions? If you agree or dis-agree comment below. Thanks for reading!

~J. A. Ross

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